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Posted by LAVANILA on 6/3/2013 to PROJECT HEALTHY

WHAT: Lavanila Healthy Deodorant Boot Camp Hosted by Molly Sims

WHEN: Wednesday, June 5, 2013;  10:00am – 11:00am
WHERE: Sephora -Times Square New York; 1500 Broadway (Between 43 & 44th)

WHAT IT COSTS: Must purchase a Lavanila Healthy Deodorant to participate ($14.00 2oz. / $8.00 .9oz)

On Wednesday, June 5, 2013 former famed Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue” model and Las Vegas actress Molly Sims and Lavanila Laboratories want to make you sweat. Celebrity trainer Brooke Marrone will join Sims in leading a one-hour boot camp workout session at Sephora Times Square to put Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant to the test. To join in this all-star exercise hour and meet the celebrated model and actress, just pick up one of Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant’s in-store on June 5th and get ready to work it. Lavanila is confident that after one hour of wearing The Healthy Deodorant, you’ll boot your harsh chemical deodorant to the curb!

Traditional deodorants are packed with aluminum, paraben and propylene glycol that can potentially irritate the skin and accumulate in the body. Made with a breakthrough, natural technology that’s highly effective,  Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant is 100% natural, chemical-free, and packed with skin beneficial vitamins and essential oils that not only protect against odor, but nourish and condition as well. A breakthrough in natural deodorant, Lavanila’s proprietary Beta Glucan technology breaks down sweat molecules and fights odor while Lemon and Tea Tree oil work as natural anti-bacterial ingredients.  With a velvet soft texture and burst of freshness, it comes in an array of scents to choose from including: Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Lavender, Vanilla Blackberry, Vanilla Passion Fruit.  And new to the collection, Lavanila launches Fresh Vanilla Lemon, just in time for summer! 

But, what good is a natural deodorant if it doesn’t work? To prove the efficiency of The Healthy Deodorant’s powerful, clinical strength formula, fitness guru Brooke Marrone will lead a one hour boot camp to put it to the test. Come get your heart rate up, move to the beat and see for yourself how amazingly fresh The Healthy Deodorant keeps you, even when you’re working hard.. 

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