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Posted by LAVANILA on 3/4/2014 to Products
Vanilla Lavender Fragrance in NATURAL HEALTH (March/April 2014)

"If you want to feel relaxed, try light florals, like rose, mimosa, champa, lavender, and Osmanthus...Our Picks: Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Lavender"

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Written By: Helen salt on 5/28/2014
I was so thrilled to purchase a healthy candle for so many reasons. But the life of the candle was no where near the sixty hours stated I purchase candles so regularly and know how to trim them, keep out of draughts etc. But alas I only had about eight hours from my The Healthy Candle. Maybe I was unlucky. I paid the full price at a health store in Melbourne. Helen.
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