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Posted by LAVANILA on 1/28/2013 to Products

Dear Kourtney,

We applaud your decision to stop using your traditional deodorant.  As you know, your traditional deodorant was probably packed with harsh chemicals such as aluminum and paraben...chemicals that have been linked to very serious health issues (especially in women).  And by eliminating these chemicals, you're creating a healthier body and environment for you and (while breastfeeding) your precious newborn.

But on the flip side...

It has come to our attention that you might be suffering from the only known side effect of going "au naturale": you (allegedly) smell funky (skip forward to the 1:00 mark)...

The good-natured teasing from your family aside, going "au naturale" can be an amazing, powerful feeling.  Knowing that you are making a healthy choice for your body (and your baby's body) can be very liberating!!  But when you made your decision to give up your deodorant, you probably only weighed the following 2 options:

 A) wear no deodorant; be safe and healthy; (allegedly) smell bad

 B) wear your traditional deodorant; expose yourself to potentially dangerous chemicals; smell good

You chose "A", so you've chosen responsibly, unselfishly, and wisely!!

But what if there is a third choice that you missed?  A choice that combines the safety and security of "au naturale" with the beautiful and fresh smell of a deodorant with superior all-day protection?

Well there IS a magical 3rd choice.  And it looks like this:

 C) The Healthy Deodorant by LAVANILA

We really love that you are calling attention to the potential risks attached the harsh chemicals in traditional deodorants, and we hope you inspire people to learn more about aluminum and paraben and the rest of the chemicals they are applying directly to their underarms.

BUT..."au naturale" isn't the only option.  You can be safe, healthy, and smell beautiful and fresh too.  So give our Healthy Deodorant a shot.  Scott, Khloe, and the rest of your family and friends will thank you!!



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