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Posted by LAVANILA on 5/13/2013 to PROJECT HEALTHY
BODY (May-thru-August)

The mission of PROJECT HEALTHY is to make LAVANILA's world a Healthier place -- Planet, Body, & Soul. And since we're kicking off in May, we'll be starting with the BODY pillar of PROJECT HEALTHY. So for the next 4 months, we'll be concentrating on our:

- Diet 
- Nutrition 
- Exercise 
- Skin care/awareness 
- Overall physical well-being 

We'll update you preiodically with our corporate, personal, and philanthropic progress along the way (via our blog, facebook page, twitter feed, instagram, and newsletter). Hopefully some of our stories will inspire you to do whatever you can do to make your word a Healthier place as well'because together we can make a real difference! 


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