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Posted by LAVANILA on 5/12/2013 to PROJECT HEALTHY
Our Project Healthy mission is pretty simple: 

We're setting out to make our world Healthier -- Planet, Body, and Soul. 

Whether through heightened corporate responsibility, smarter personal choices, or targeted philanthropic efforts, each simple step we take will make a difference and will serve the one singular purpose of making our world a Healthier place.

We're dedicating 4 months of the year to each of our PLANET, BODY, & SOUL pillars in greater support of our healthy promise.  Here's the breakdown: 

PLANET (Jan-thru-April) 
BODY (May-thru-August) 
SOUL (September-thru-December)

As we embark on our exciting new initiative, we're jumping right in to BODY. Read more about our BODY efforts and goals here:  http://www.lavanila.com/PROJECT-HEALTHY-BODY-_b_22.html

And while our Healthy Challenge will be tailored specifically to LAVANILA's world, we encourage you to join us along the way. If we ALL set out to make the world around us Healthier, we can truly make a difference!!

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Written By: Dawn Yoder on 5/13/2013
I'm looking forward to this, I'm always looking for ways to choose healthy products to use on my skin. Be well, dy
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