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Posted by LAVANILA on 1/23/2013 to Mailbag (FAQ)
As an eco-conscious brand with all-natural, healthy products, we get lots of great questions from our legions of loyal/informed/sophisticated/inquisitive healthy family members.  Many times, the questions are so unique and interesting and high-level that the answers don't already live somewhere on our site.  And even if the answers are located in our FAQ section, it is still worth mentioning in this space because so many of you have the same questions/comments/concerns.

So we'll be using this space to post your questions, along with some common customer complaints (and how we plan to improve).  Occasionally, we'll highlight something you think we're doing well for good measure.

With all that said...let's dive right into the first edition of THE CUSTOMER SERVICE FILES!!:

From Melissa:
Q. I had bought lavanila Pure Vanilla perfume spray before and it was a nice very light color in the bottle. When i finished that bottle i went and bought another bottle of the exact same item which is the perfume spray 1.7 oz Now the perfume juice in this new bottle is far more darker (a very dark almost orange brown color. Why is this new bottle so very dark in color?

A. This is the beauty of nature. Natural ingredients are not standardized and uniformly mass-produced the way synthetic ones can be. Botanicals, fruits and oils harvested from different farms at different times will look or feel different when used in a product. This is no different than if you pick up 2 oranges in the grocery store. . .they may look slightly different and taste slightly different. The benefit is that each product is slightly unique and offers a personal experience

From Megan:
Q. Hi!  I ordered your deodorant through a third party.  How can I initiate a return?

A. Sorry to say, the answer here is almost always going to be "no".  For many different reason that you can all probably imagine, we can only accept returns on products purchased on lavanila.com.  If you bought our products from one of our retailers, you should contact them to figure out a way to initiate a return.

From Oona:
Q. Hello, Would you please not include any price information with the following order?  This is a gift...

A.  We will ALWAYS attempt to accommodate you in any way possible regarding the processing/shipment of your orders.  In this particular case it was very simple, as we don't send invoices with our shipped orders (only packing slips without prices).

However, if you would actually like to have an invoice shipped with your package, we can certainly oblige...simply let us know in the comments field during checkout and we'll be happy to help!!  

From Susanne:
Q. I wonder if you ship to Sweden and if so, how much the cost would be? If not, do you sell your products anywhere in Europe? 

A. This is probably the most frequently asked question.  And unfortunately, the news isn't great at this time.  We do NOT have any European retailers/stockists, nor are we allowed to ship Internationally (yet) due to customs/regulations issues that we are currently working on.  Currently, we only ship to US and Canada.  However...we expect this to change in the near future, so please stay tuned (and patient).  It's our goal to change the daily beauty routine of healthy/natural beauty seekers all around the world!!!

OK, that will do it for now.  We tackled some of the most common FAQS in the Customer Service Files...a good start for this feature.  We'll continue to address FAQs, and we'll also explore some customer service points of emphasis in our next edition.  TIl then...we hope you are having a great experience with LAVANILA!!

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Written By: Meg on 5/8/2013
Do you ever respond to emails or answer your phone? I've asked three times about the availability of Vanilla Spice and I have yet to receive a response.
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