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Posted by LAVANILA on 9/2/2013 to Press
Pure Vanilla Forever Fragrance Oil in WOMEN'S HEALTH (Sept 2013)

Scent-sual healing - "Think of scented, goddess-like skin," says perfumer Sarah Horowitz.  "It makes you feel beautiful naked."

Consider vanilla: "Most of  us find a sheer, light vanilla scent sexy."

Engage your sense of touch: "Dabbing on a perfumed oil is much more intimate than using a spray...You can be intentional about where you put it as you're touching yourself, and the scent lasts longer."  TRY LAVANILA FOREVER FRAGRANCE OIL IN PURE VANILLA ($25, lavanila.com).

Tread lightly:  Less is more when it comes to smelling great naked.  Apply just to your neck, your heart (the warmest part of your body), and the small of your back. 

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