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Z-Life Magazine - Spring 2013 Posted on 01 Apr 09:00

Passion Fruit Deodorant in Z-LIFE MAGAZINE (Spring 2013)


Natural Health - Mar/Apr 2014 Posted on 04 Mar 16:12

Vanilla Lavender Fragrance in NATURAL HEALTH (March/April 2014)

Natural Health 1

"If you want to feel relaxed, try light florals, like rose, mimosa, champa, lavender, and Osmanthus...Our Picks: Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Lavender"

Natural Health 2

New York Daily News - February 2, 2014 Posted on 02 Feb 18:22

Pure Vanilla Healthy Body Butter in NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

NY Daily News 1

New York Daily News pick to fight winter dry skin:  Pure Vanilla Healthy Body Butter

NY Daily News 2

Women's Health - September 2013 Posted on 02 Sep 09:00

Pure Vanilla Forever Fragrance Oil in WOMEN'S HEALTH (Sept 2013)

Scent-sual healing - "Think of scented, goddess-like skin," says perfumer Sarah Horowitz. "It makes you feel beautiful naked."

Consider vanilla: "Most of us find a sheer, light vanilla scent sexy."

Engage your sense of touch: "Dabbing on a perfumed oil is much more intimate than using a spray...You can be intentional about where you put it as you're touching yourself, and the scent lasts longer." TRY LAVANILA FOREVER FRAGRANCE OIL IN PURE VANILLA ($25,

Tread lightly: Less is more when it comes to smelling great naked. Apply just to your neck, your heart (the warmest part of your body), and the small of your back.



Life & Style - June 24, 2013 Posted on 24 Jun 09:00

Healthy Deodorant in Life & Style, June 24 2013

Molly Sims is the perfect ambassador for our Healthy Deodorant: naturally beautiful, incredibly informed, and health-and-eco-conscious, and most importantly a believer in our Brand.

So on June 3rd, 2013, we put her to work! Molly hosted our Healthy Deodorant Boot Camp event at Sephora Times Square, and the results are in: Molly has officially booted her traditional deodorant to the curb in favor of our 100% Healthy Deodorant. No Aluminum. No Paraben. No Harsh Chemicals. No-brainer.



US Weekly - April 22, 2013 Posted on 22 Apr 09:00

Vanilla Lavender Mini Deodorant and Roller-Ball in US WEEKLY


We LOVE Beverley Mitchell of the Secret Life of the American Teenager - she's one of our favorite unofficial brand ambassadors!!  So what's in Beverley Mitchell's bag??? Vanilla Lavender Roller-ball and Vanilla Lavender Mini Deodorant (and a few other things!)...



Natural Health - March/April 2013 Posted on 29 Mar 09:00

Pure Vanilla Forever Fragrance Oil in NATURAL HEALTH (March/April 2013)

"Free of alcohol and chemicals and crafted from essential oils, Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil in Vanilla Coconut ($25; has a rollerball applicator that maes it portable and easy to reapply, but the coconut and Madagascar vanilla bean oils are so long-lasting that you won't need to."



Cosmopolitan For Latinas - Fall/Winter 2012 Posted on 01 Feb 09:00

Vanilla Lavender Mini Deo in COSMOPOLITAN FOR LATINAS (Fall/Winter 2012)


"Freshen up quick with a swipe of Lavanila Vanilla Lavender Mini Deodorant, $10."