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One order. One tree.
Centuries ago, the once-mighty Atlantic Forest covered nearly 330 million acres, an area roughly the size of the eastern seaboard of the United States. Today only 7 percent remains. The Nature Conservancy has launched an ambitious effort to plant 1 billion trees and bring this natural treasure back from the brink.
For Earth Day 2009, Lavanila joined the Nature Conservancy's cause: for every order placed on during the month of April, we planted a tree in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy's 'Plant a Billion Trees' mission.
But our support didn't stop in April 2009. We decided to extend our partnership with the 'Plant a Billion Trees' program permanently. So every order placed on will continue to plant a tree until the Nature Conservancy reaches its goal of 1 billion trees! Because every day should be Earth Day.
We've planted more than 25,000 trees.
Tree Counter: As of 4/07/2014, Lavanila has planted 17,421 trees in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy's 'Plant a Billion Trees' program.

Thank you all for your support!