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The No List

At Lavanila, our 100% Healthy products include only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients and are completely free of commonly used harsh chemicals. See below for more details about the harmful ingredients NEVER found in any of our products. We work hard to review the safety and efficacy of our ingredients so that you don’t have to. Stay tuned...this list is growing!


Chemically a salt, this is typically used in commercial antiperspirants to essentially block sweat pores. It has been linked to several health complications.

Mineral Oils

A very inexpensive petroleum product that can clog the pores and reduce the skin’s ability to detoxify. Found to promote premature aging and interfere with skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, promoting acne and other disorders.


Microscopic particles whose size is less than 100 nanometers (one thousand-millionth of a meter). Many reports express concerns about these particles and their possible absorption into the bloodstream.


The most widely used group of chemical preservatives in cosmetics. It is estimated that more than 90% of all cosmetic products contain some form of paraben. A potential skin irritant linked to several long-term health implications.


A variety of ingredients derived from petroleum that have been found to smother and irritate the skin. They do not absorb into the skin well so even if they are combined with skin-healthy ingredients, they typically prevent these beneficial ingredients from being properly absorbed. Also known to pollute the water and environment.


A chemical plasticizing element commonly used in fragrance and body care products to extend the longevity of scent on the skin. Research has linked phthalates to health and reproduction complications.

Propylene Glycol

A petroleum derivative used as a humectant to stop products from drying out. Research at the American Academy of Dermatologists has shown this to be a skin irritant linked with several allergies,