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Vanilla Summer summertime scent

summertime scent
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Vanilla Summer

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Sunkissed vanilla fragrance. Fresh mango, juicy pineapple, creamy coconut milk, & island sugar cane create a captivating mélange that infuses hot summer nights with a whispering, seductive breeze.  1.7 fl oz.

How to Use
Key Ingredients
  • Botanical Fragrance Blend A signature blend of pure essential oils, nature identical oils, and botanically derived aromas.
  • Goji Berry Known as a “super anti-oxidant”, it nourishes and protects skin with 18 amino acids and 21 trace minerals.
  • Vanilla Oil Antioxidant, Skin soothing, Exfoliant (when crushed), Aroma
  • Full Ingredients
    • gentle formula

    • cruelty free

    • all natural fragrance

    • paraben free

    • phthalate free

    • 100% recylable

    Ingredients in fragrance are important

    Hand crafted by master natural perfumers, our unique collection of healthy fragrances infuse organic sugar cane alcohol with pure essential oils.
    Sugar Cane Alcohol softens skin and helps to prevent irritation while also possessing valuable antiseptic qualities. Extracted from Organic Sugar Cane it is completely free from herbicides and pesticides.
    Essential oils contain high concentrations of each botanicals essence or flavor. Our proprietary, all-natural formulation process ensures that each fragrance provides long-lasting scents.
    Customize your blend to create your own scent. Our formulations work with your own body chemistry to provide a final fragrance that is uniquely you! Further customize your blend by layering your fragrance with our complimentary natural deodorants and lotions to create a final scent that lasts all day.

    Your top natural questions

    How long does the perfume last?

    Our fragrances are made with high quality natural and botanical oils that deliver long-lasting, alluring scent.

    How do I best apply the perfume?

    For best results, apply directly to pulse points. Tip! Don't rub your wrists together. It creates friction that can dull and differ the scent.

    Where do I spray the perfume?

    For best results, spray (or roll) our fragrances on those pulse points where the blood runs closest to the skin; behind the ears, inside of wrists, behind the knees or the décolletage.

    Our happy, healthy customers

    Customer Reviews
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    Super Juicy

    This scent is super juicy and tropical. It smells good, it's just not me. A great scent for a younger person though.

    United States United States

    Smells just like Hawaiian Tropic sunblock

    Disappointed.I can't smell the pineapple or mango in this.It smells like Hawaiian Tropic sunblock.Years ago when I tried this in the sephora, it smelled way better, and had pineapple included.I wonder if I got old stock, because the liquid was quite amber.I had my mom smell it, right after I applied 5 sprays, and all she could smell was the coconut note.She guessed maybe almond was in the notes, but she couldn't detect any fruit at all.

    Canada Canada

    I Hope This Is A Permanent Scent

    I have been wearing the Lavanila Vanilla perfume for almost 8 years now. I live in Canada and I first found it at Shopper's Drugmart on a little cardboard stand in the cosmetic section. Ever since I tried it, I have been in love. It is my signature scent and all my family, friends and coworkers know when I am near because they can smell the perfume first. At work, I've had many people come into the office and say they knew I was working before they even saw me because they could smell my scent. This scent is the perfect level of sweetness without being cloying. It is sophisticated and sexy. I've had many men compliment the way I smell. The new Vanilla Summer is so beautiful and reminds me of the Nourishing Exotic Oil by Pure Fiji. It smells like a tropical getaway without smelling like sunscreen. I hope this scent becomes part of the permanent line because I absolutely love it, and I bought it scent unsmelled! I will purchase this perfume for the rest of my life. You have a lifetime customer! Love, Viktoriya

    Canada Canada

    Lavanila Summer

    I purchased Lavanila Coconut and loved it, then purchased 2 bottles of Lavanila Summer also love ! Even spray it on before bed. I find the scent actually does last on my skin.

    Darlene V.
    Canada Canada

    soft scent

    I love the fragrance but was disappointed with the staying power. Its very light so I need to return. But if you are looking for a light, summer scent - this could work.

    Nicki Z.
    United States United States

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